Mental Health & Where it Starts

Let's start at the beginning! 

Join Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc., and Danielle Daniel, LCSW, PsyD candidate, as they dive into the topic of mental health. Learn how to manage your emotions and overcome emotional blocks in your life. 

"Emotions are constantly regulating what we experience as 'reality.'" -Candace Pert

Recognizing, understanding, and processing emotions is the key to raising your "Emotional IQ"--and becoming whole. 
Emotions guide us to know ourselves, both the positive and negative within. They regulate our reality. They form our perceptions and they lead us  to our core beliefs. 
They educate us when we are willing to be taught. Emotions play the primary role  in forming our attitudes, self- image, and lifestyle choices. 

They are also the primary influence in our relationships and homes.  Positive emotions are the very essence of being--love, joy, peace, and  happiness. If we are emotionally disconnected, meaning we've lost touch  with our feelings, we limit our ability to achieve lasting joy, happiness, peace, and success.