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Emotions are one of the greatest tools we have available to help us to understand ourselves, our environment and our relationships.

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Emotions Mentor® is a coaching center for education on mental health. 
A place to open yourself up to a new world of emotional wellbeing and freedom.

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Join me and other mental health experts as we talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.


Online Courses

Whether you are already educated on mental health or are just getting started, we invite you to take our online courses. Knowledge provides relief.



Check out our three bestselling books and our FREE downloads with tips to managing stress, anxiety, and depression. 


emotional distress, negative habits and thinking patterns. 


self-worth, and live more confidently. 


how to create powerful, personal change for yourself and others. 


incredible, professional training in the field of self-help, energy psychology, and neuropsychology.

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.
Emotions Mentor® Founder

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. is an expert on natural solutions for mood. She's a family issues specialist and an instructor of emotional intelligence for families and individuals.

Creator of Emotions Mentor®, and International bestselling author of Healing Your Family History - distributed worldwide, Essentially Happy, Essential Oils for Happy Living, and Emotions and Essential Oils an A-Z Guide.

Rebecca holds a BA degree from Brigham Young University, and an M.Sc. degree from the University of East London School of Psychology. Happily married for more than 35 years, with four grown children and six grandchildren.
   Rebecca Hintze's work has been featured on:
“I’ve gained more knowledge on the brain and it’s workings. Such a gift for both myself and my family. Thank you Rebecca and team for creating such well rounded courses. I’m forever grateful."

Arianna Pienaar

Emotions Mentor® Coach
“Rebecca’s courses and your own willingness to dig deep can literally change your life into becoming your true authentic self. Love yourself and learn happiness because I truly believe it will be the best decision you have ever made.”

Suzy Patterson

Emotions Mentor® Coach
“This course helped to connect the dots, from the field of psychology to energy with science backing. It taught how everyone can find commonality in the field of human emotions, no matter your background.”

Sharon Ho

Emotions Mentor® Coach

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