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The Emotions Mentor® Podcast.
Join me and other mental health experts as we deep dive into the intricacies 
and importance of Emotional Health. We talk about how you can manage your emotions, 
improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.

Use Your Anger To Your Advantage

Say what? Anger can be good? Join Marie Castello and Teresa Linder as they discuss healthy ways to d...

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10 Ways to Get Through A Hard Time

You asked. We answer! We are answering your questions in this episode! Our most frequently asked que...

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The Role of a Father, Partner and Male

Let’s talk about how to show up as a man and be the best you can be.  How do you balance work, famil...

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Understanding Men- Is It Possible?

Do men have issues?   Probably, but in a relationship, how do we understand them enough to fix them?...

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The stories we tell ourselves (Anxiety)

Wherever you are at in the world and wherever your situation finds you, this episode will be very he...

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