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Join me and other mental health experts as we deep dive into the intricacies and importance of Emotional Health. We talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.
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Habit Stacking

What we do on a daily basis makes the difference in everything we do.  The power of creating daily schedules and living by it can alleviate stress, build self-esteem, and provide a sense of control.  Listen to life hacks to create the environment that you want to live in.  Host: Rebecca Hintze Guest Speakers: Marie Castello, Alison van Zandbergen, Teresa Lin...

Shame and Comparison

Shame is a burdensome feeling, a feeling of inadequacy - arises from a negative evaluation from ourselves. In this episode we peel back the layers of shame and talk about the generational patterns and how we are all wounded in some way.  Shame is linked to comparison.  We live in an online world, where is there is constant and instant comparisons. We see bea...

The stories we tell ourselves (Anxiety)

Wherever you are at in the world and wherever your situation finds you, this episode will be very helpful and based on science in the brain, classical psychology, energy, healing and health. We talk about the stories we tell ourselves that cause anxiety. Anxiety was the epidemic before the pandemic and now is on the rise. How does it serve you - do you want ...

It’s OK to say you have mental health issues!

Mental Illness It’s OK to say you have mental health issues!  YOU’RE AMAZING, YOU’RE STRONG!  Simply put, when our mental health is not what we would want it to be, we find it difficult to manage how we think, feel and act with respect to daily stresses.  So let’s talk about it; let’s look at mental illness, what it is, how its diagnosed and offer understand...

Loneliness and Exercise

Prior to pandemic - loneliness had reached an all time high - imagine what it is now? We asked millennials to share their stories with us. In this episode, learn more about neurochemical responses and the best ways to navigate loneliness.   For example - we talk about how exercise creates endorphins to overcome depressive symptoms you experience during lonel...

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