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The Emotions Mentor® Podcast.
Join me and other mental health experts as we deep dive into the intricacies 
and importance of Emotional Health. We talk about how you can manage your emotions, 
improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life.

Tiny Habits, Great Rewards

Learn simple ways to make goals and crush them!   Three "R's" lead to great success, Reminder, Routi...

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The Power Of Smiling

Dr. David Steuer joins Rebecca Hintze to talk about the Power of the Smile.   Smiling is a simple ne...

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3 Simple Truths to Create Happiness

Anyone: Want to be happy?  Me: … Duh! Yes, Please! This EM Episode: Here are 3 Simple Truths! Join S...

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Genie In A Bottle

You don’t always get what you want…. OR DO YOU? In this episode, Rebecca and Sharon share some secre...

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