Emotions Mentor 

Success in life is determined by how well we regulate and manage our emotions. Science has shown us that our Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a higher indicator of success than our IQ.

Join Dr. Danielle Daniel and me, as we talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life!

The Magic Pill

The serious problem of overusing prescription drugs is growing more and more everyday. Statistics show that more than 50 million people over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes at some point in their life. Join pharmacist, Kari Coody, and the Emotions Mentor hosts as they talk about ways to combat this growing issue.

Key Steps to Developing Resilience

What happens when your life starts falling apart? Do you fall apart too or are you able to bounce back? Terri Pace joins the Emotions Mentor podcast to talk about the most important steps you need to take to become resilient and strong for anything life throws at you.

The Power of Thought

Energy specialist, Sharon Ho, joins the Emotions Mentor Podcast once again to talk about energy and the power our thoughts can have on our emotional and physical wellbeing!

The Psychology of Winning 

Miss United States of 2018, Andromeda Peters, joins the Emotions Mentor hosts to talk about how she overcame comparing herself to others and created a winning mindset.

The Challenges and Triumphs Families and Children Face in Adoption

Family specialist, Kimberly Erickson-Nichols, joins Rebecca Hintze and Dr. Danielle Daniel to discuss the topic of adoption and how it affects you and your family. 

Gut & Brain Connection 

Did you know the gut is like a second brain? It can affect us in so many different ways. One way it affects us is through our mental health. Eating right can do more for your body than you may have ever known! 

What is Energy?

Join Rebecca Hintze, Dr. Danielle Daniel, and special guest Sharon Ho as they explain, discover, and teach you how to use energy to heal your life. 

ADHD & Natural Solutions

Do you have ADHD or know someone who does? ADHD can come in all forms and different variations. How can you combat against ADHD? Join Rebecca Hintze and Dr. Danielle Daniel as they talk about various natural ways to help with those who have ADHD!

The Plague of Anxiety 

Sometimes being anxious is normal, but what happens when those feelings become too frequent and you can't easily calm yourself? Here we explore the most common mental illness, anxiety. Rebecca Hintze and Dr. Danielle Daniel explore more in the topic of anxiety, check it out below!

Social Media's Impact on Our Emotional World 

Technology is everywhere in our world, and affects us in so many different ways. One big way is through our emotions. Social media can be a great tool to connect us to our loved ones, but how can we avoid becoming engrossed in the negative side affects of too much social media? Learn more by listening joining Rebecca Hintze and Dr. Danielle Daniel below.

Mental Health & Where it Starts

Join Rebecca Hintze and mental health professional Dr. Danielle Daniel as they dive into the world of mental health. Learn how to manage your emotions and overcome emotional blocks in your life!