Gut & Brain Connection

Depression has become a worldwide epidemic, affecting 350 million people worldwide and 6.9 percent of the United States population. It is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also very treatable—and not just through medicine but also through changes in diet and lifestyle. 

In fact, scientists are finding that Mother Nature herself has answers for those who suffer from depression—answers that can be just as effective as medicine.

For years we’ve known that how we eat effects our heart health, weight, skin, sleep habits, and so much more. What we haven’t learned until recently, however, is how closely nutrition is linked to our mental health. Today we will look at the gut-brain connection. 

And it’s greater than you ever imagined. 

The good or bad bacteria in your gut can literally change your mood. And that good or bad bacteria, of course, comes directly from the food you eat.

We will look at the role that food plays at the cellular level, how it influences the bacteria in our gut and what that means for the millions of neurons that reside there and rely on good bacteria to reduce inflammation and activate the neural pathways to the brain. 

We’ll learn how this effects mood and energy levels and what we can do to increase the good bacteria and limit the bad. We’ll also discuss the role of natural healers, such as essential oils, exercise, and healthy relationships.

Combined with the right nutrients and nutrition plan, these essential elements to a happy life can reframe how we treat depression and reframe your health at the same time—helping you function better and have a greater influence for good in the world around you.