Meet the Coaches
Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc | Founder | Chairman of the Board | Coach | Instructor

Having spent more than 20 years working in the mental health field, Rebecca discovered one of the main reasons that people struggle achieving emotional success: lack of emotional intelligence. Her expertise and experience has allowed her to develop and master emotional processing techniques to help people reach emotional success.

With a Masters of Science in Psychology from the University of East London and 20+ years of experience in the field, Rebecca has enjoyed developing content to help individuals be free from emotional bondage and find the joy and peace that they seek in life.
 Kimberly Cephas | Coach

Kimberly Cephas has over 30 years of experience working with children
and families in a variety of human service and educational settings in
military, civilian, and religious communities. She is the founder and owner of
Life PREP Associates, LLC a coaching and training organization specializing in
Emotional Intelligence support for early care professionals and parents of infants and
toddlers. She holds degrees in Human Services (B.S.), Adult & Continuing Education
(M.Ed), and Early Care Education (M.A.). Also, certifications in Program for Infant and
Toddlers (PITC) and Emotions Mentor Coaching.
Terri Haswell | Coach

Terri Haswell has been educating and mentoring both adults and children of all ages for more than 20 years. She is a Certified Emotions Mentor® Coach as well as certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Essential Oil Specialist. She is the founder of hasWellness Family Solutions LLC, where she coaches her clients on wellness for the mind, body and spirit. Her services include one on one mentoring, educational group classes, wellness scans and natural products for personal support.

Terri is passionate about helping people break through barriers that prevent personal growth.  She empowers her clients to recognize their intrinsic worth and learn to love who they were created to be.   Her own personal journey gives her empathy for those struggling due to their past or present circumstances and those who are limiting their future.  She encourages her clients to examine the connection between their mental and physical health, uncover the root of negative patterns and gain emotional freedom.  Terri believes in the importance of improving these areas so that we can positively influence our loved ones, the world around us, and the next generation.  Her loved ones include her husband, son and fur babies.  
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Nathalie Tovell | Coach

"Nathalie Tovell lives just outside Ottawa, Canada with her husband and two sons.  She loves nature and immerses herself in it as often as she can.  She expresses her creative side through photography and art where she captures the messages, simplicity, and beauty found in nature.  

She has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years and calls herself a lifetime learner as she loves to question, explore, and observe the world around her. She has a degree in Pure and Applied sciences from St. Lawrence College in Quebec City and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa.

As she and her husband were raising their two sons, she became interested in the power of nutrition and completed a certification in Holistic Nutrition. At this same time, she was introduced to essential oils and was fascinated by the power of plants and nature in supporting physical and mental well being. She has attended numerous trainings in this field and continues to research and learn about this topic.

Nathalie observed that although people could be leading so-called “healthy” lives, many were still not thriving and experiencing joy. They were “surviving” through their day to day life. She also observed through her own experience that accumulating all the knowledge was the easy part. Applying it was a completely different mindset. She found herself continuing with the habits that she wanted to change just because they were familiar to her. She felt stuck. Why was that? This led her to learn more about mindset, limiting beliefs, and the power behind Emotional Intelligence. She is now a Certified Emotions Mentor® Coach.

Nathalie offers group and one-on-one mentoring, retreat days and community workshops.  She incorporates a variety of modalities and tools in all that she does.  Her passion is to create a safe, loving and non-judgemental space to assist others in finding peace from their past, be seen for who they really are without all the “stories” their minds created, understand the message behind their emotions, and move forward with joy and enthusiasm on the paths that life will lead them on. 
Tim Patterson | Coach

Tim Patterson is a successful Sales and Business Professional with a BS in Accounting from Virginia Tech and numerous business and professional certifications. Tim became interested in Emotional Intelligence several years ago after suffering a tremendous personal and professional setback. It was during this same time period that Essential Oils became core to his daily being. During his life rebuilding, he surmised applying more work effort than before to rebound was not the right path, but learning to do more with what he already had at his disposal was the correct conclusion. Specifically, raising his self awareness so as to be present, happy and in the specific moment. Tim enjoys teaching and is passionate about sharing the message with others about how raising one’s self awareness can raise the quality of their relationships, personal well-being and general happiness overall.

Suzy Patterson | Coach

Suzy Patterson loves people and receives joy in helping others in their wellness journey. Suzy loves teaching about Emotional Intelligence and connects well with all of her attendees as she creates positive energy and vulnerability in all of her classroom instruction. Suzy is a strong business leader who coaches intuitively and with emotion.
Dee Hendrix | Coach

Dee Hendrix CA, CEOC is a certified Emotions Mentor™ Coach, essential oil specialist and aromatherapist. She is also trained in Reiki 2, Foot Zone Therapy and Symphony of the Cells and incorporates all modalities into her business. She is a wife, mother and grandmother, living in Little River, SC. Dee worked for 36 years for the government finishing her career as a project manager, before being introduced to the potential of essential oils for her own health and wellness goals (both physical and emotional). Training with Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc, Emotions Mentor Founder and bestselling author, have prepared Dee, as an Emotions Mentor™ Coach to help you develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by learning to identify and master your emotions whether it is business, relationships, or life in general.

Dee is compassionate, patient and ready to help you move past those blocks that are holding you back. Her life experiences have brought her to a place where she feels she can serve others in their quest for living their best life.
Lisa Bergman MBA | Coach

Lisa Bergman lives in Northern VA as a happy wife and mother of four.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science and Health and a Masters in Business from the University of Utah.  Her studies and life experiences led her to observe that the key to living a successful life in terms of happiness, financial well being and health, is not reserved for the talented, the smart or even those who seem to be born geniuses --nor is it solely a product of hard work or thrift.  She found that the incredible gift possessed by us all is the power to choose one’s way and to change one’s mind (now backed by research and often referred to as neuroplasticity of the brain).  Those who feel they live successful, charmed lives, have developed a belief, a mindset and healthy habits for success that have much more to do with emotional intelligence than any other factor.  Hence Lisa has poured her life and soul force into serving others as an Emotions Mentor® Instructor and Health Consultant to empower people to thrive. She has an innate gift to inspire others to see the beauty within so they can more fully live to their purpose and potential and live joyful, healthy successful lives.
Ashley Beans | Coach

My name is Ashley Beans, and I first became a mom in January 2012. Becoming a mom changed me. I became 'obsessed' with making sure that the things we were doing as a family were safe and natural for my little boy, Kit. I researched everything, we tossed the chemicals and toxins that are, surprisingly, everywhere and turned to a natural and holistic lifestyle. In 2014 we had Charlie, and he made me a mom again. Over the years, we've seen lots of miracles occur because of our healthy lifestyle.