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Step 1:
Seeing the Truth

Take a look inside yourself and become aware of the truth of your circumstances.

Step 2: 
Willingness to Change

Develop the mentality to choose to change the difficulties that may be holding you back.

Step 3:
 Discover the Paradox

Think about why you may be living in the same emotions over and over again,  and discover how to change that.

Step 4: 
Connect to Your Body-Mind

Increase your connection with yourself and who you are to overcome the issues that may be at hand.

Step 5: 
Lean on Basic Attributes

Develop the habit of looking towards characteristics that always work.

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5 Steps to Managing Mind and Mood

"Emotions teach those who are willing to pay attention. By processing them, we learn to empathize and love ourselves and others."

Rebecca Hintze

Founder of the Emotions Mentor, Best-Selling Author, and Public Speaker