Frequently Asked Questions

In what do I become certified in the Certification Course?

The Emotions Mentor Certification course provides attendees the opportunity to become certified in an emotional process technique that can be used to help coach others in their personal growth, professional success, and individual efforts to become more emotionally intelligent. The certification is a private one and signifies that attendees have completed the course and have the skills to use this process when coaching others.  The certification does not indicate that attendees are qualified to provide counseling or mental health support. Attendees may use the Emotions Mentor brand to signify that they are certified in this process.  The goal of the Emotions Mentor courses is to provide powerful personal development tools and life-changing guidance for individuals seeking to mentor and coach others, including themselves.

After the course, attendees can expect to know how to use this process.  Attendees will not be certified to teach this material without taking the year-long instructor's course.  The goal of the Certification Course is to teach attendees the process and qualify them to use it.

Can I take the Certification Course online?

Yes, you can! It is a dynamic, online course with videos, clips from live courses, quizzes, and more! We are excited to have launched this. You can register here.

How do I become qualified to teach this material?

The year-long instructor's course is designed to teach instructors how to teach similar material in a variety of settings. If you wish to become an instructor, please email for more information. 

We have a monthly personal development course which is designed to help those who attend the Emotions Mentor Certification course continue to grow and retain the information taught in the course. The course involves videos, articles, and calls with Rebecca Hintze that are updated and posted monthly. You can register here.

What is the refund policy for the courses?

Online Courses: There is no refund for online courses, all sales are final. 

Live Events: We will provide a 100% refund until 2 weeks before the start date of the event, and a 50% refund within 2 weeks of the start day of the event. No refunds will be made after the start date of the event. 

Refunds will be processed back to the card that was used at the time of payment.