6 Must-Do Mood Changing Health Habits

Most people don’t realize that the quality of our mood is a direct result of our health habits. There are many scientific reasons for this but I’ll cut to the chase and give you a couple of basic explanations and then a good, solid list of habits to incorporate. 

First, our body needs nutritional cofactors to create neurochemistry (bottom line, you have to eat well and supplement for the body and brain to work well enough to feel happy). Second, you are mostly made of water, and you need to refill your cup, literally, and figuratively, to function. Third, you’ve got to move your body and love it for it to work well.

Basically, and totally common sense, your body is the instrument that you use to conduct your life. If you don’t take care of it, it will fall apart sooner rather `than later, and in so doing, your emotions will be affected. I’ve written out my top six mood changing habits that have the potential to change your life--if you can just live by them.
Here you go ...
1. Eat Right

Within 30 minutes of waking up, eat protein. I love recommending doTERRA’s Trim Shake for breakfast--it’s high in protein and low in calorie (respectively). (As a side note, it contains an ingredient I love for reducing stress--ashwagandha). Eating protein in the morning helps speed up your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to start off your day. If you don't eat properly throughout the day, your body will jump into survival mode (fight or flight), which slows your metabolism, increases stress, and, in turn, makes it harder to think and respond clearly … and even harder to lose weight (for those who are struggling with weight issues, this can be detrimental to mood). Definitely avoid processed sugars and caffeine. But please do include healthy fats. Our brain needs healthy fats to work well.
2. Drink Water

Dehydration is often overlooked as a possible culprit for complicating mental health issues. Our body is made up of 65 percent water, and we need to drink water and take in electrolytes every day in order to live. When we don’t have enough water, we often feel lethargic, grumpy, and we can get headaches and have other health complications. We also tend to mistake hunger for thirst. We might be tempted to get out a bag of chips or sugary carbohydrates instead of drink a glass or two of water. Soda, lemonade, or flavored drinks do not count as water and can complicate healing.
3. Exercise!

Regular exercise not only prepares us physically, mentally, and emotionally to function better in our relationships with others, it also helps us feel and look better! Doctors frequently recommend exercise for a variety of reasons, including both its physical and psychological benefits.

There is great evidence today that exercise slows down the effects of aging and builds the body’s defenses against disease and emotional stress. It also helps reduce the chance of breast cancer in women over the age of forty. While you may not be able to make it to the gym each day (or watch a yoga video on YouTube), there are still things you can do to stay moving, such as going on walks. The benefits of exercising are endless and can help our entire wellbeing.

4. Use essential oils

Essential oils are a fantastic support for mood and improving overall health. In fact, many essential oils contain linalool which is a natural compound known to reduce stress and improve mood. By diffusing essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, wild orange, and anything “citrus” related can improve mood.

Essential oils also contain naturally occurring compounds that support a healthy metabolism. Grapefruit essential oil is one of these that supports both mood and metabolism. You can support your metabolism at home or on-the-go by adding one to two drops of Grapefruit oil to your water. This essential oil addition to your drinks will also give your water a flavor-filled and vitalizing boost.

And just so you are aware, managing the thyroid is key to managing mood. Another great essential oil protocol I love for supporting a balanced thyroid is the using clove and lemongrass together. You can ingest two to three drops of clove and two to three drops of lemongrass essential oils in a capsule in the morning and before bed to help support thyroid health and cleanse your body of toxins.
5. Get your vitamins

In today's world, it's sometimes hard to know if you're getting all the right nutrients from your foods. While eating healthy is the best way to give our body proper nutrients, using the right supplement can help "supplement" what you're not getting from your food. DoTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) is the perfect addition to to managing your mood, as it has blends the perfect amount of essential nutrients providing the right metabolism benefits and includes powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality.
6.  Decide You Are Enough

Yes, mindset is a key part of having a good mood. Many are struggling with feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. Life challenges, old family narratives, hurt feelings, and perhaps unhealthy coping mechanisms may have left you deciding that you’re not enough, you can’t do it, and life doesn’t work out for you. It’s often hard to accept that our mindset determines our happiness. Especially if we’ve been hard-wired to criticize ourselves and everyone else in our world.

Finding fault outside of us means we’re hard on us, so if we decide we’re enough, then miraculously others and our outer world get to be enough too. Just a simple self-check each day on how you feel about you, and making sure you’ve got your own back, can make all the difference in your day.
So here you go … these are my six tips for that ideal mood. Eating right, drink water, exercise, use essential oils, take your vitamins, and decide you are enough! This combo works, trust me, I’ve had a chance to try these out and even study them academically … and they work.
Enjoy a happy week!

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