Honoring the Fathers in Our Lives

American evangelist Billy Graham said, “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” As Father’s Day approaches this year, let’s take time to celebrate those good fathers in our lives—the ones who not only had our hands in theirs, but also always had our backs. Here are 10 ways you can honor the fathers you love:

1. Say thank you. 
It seems simple—and fairly obvious—but a lot of times the best way to tell Dad you love him is to verbally thank him for all he’s done for you. If distance is a barrier, give him a call or connect via Skype or FaceTime.

2. Send a letter.
A heartfelt letter will be cherished for years. In it, tell your dad how much you love him, reminisce about memories you’ve shared, and list the things you’re thankful for. You could even start a tradition of sending a letter every year that updates him on your life and records precious memories on paper.

3. Create a memory.
Do something together that is all about him . . . even—and perhaps especially—if it’s something you don’t love. Is your father a baseball enthusiast? Get tickets to a game and make a day of it. Does he love the great outdoors? Plan a hike, camping trip, or picnic in the part. Are art galleries more his thing? Look up a few local artists and spend the day checking out their studios.

4. Be charitable.
Make a donation in your father’s name to his favorite charity. Better yet, plan some time to volunteer together for a cause he supports.

5. Give the gift of memories.
Interview the people who love your dad—your siblings, his siblings, a spouse, friends, parents. Record the interviews, compile them in a video or other electronic format, and give the recording to your dad. Ask the people you interview to share their memories of your dad, tell him why they love him, explain why they admire him, and describe what he’s taught them in life.

6. Time travel.
Collect your family’s old home movies and digitize them in one place. Add music, voiceovers, and clever edits. Similarly, you could create and print a book of memories using pictures from throughout his and your life. You could also collaborate with other family members on a book and have each contributor write down a favorite memory to share and include in the book.

7. Frame it up.
Find a picture of just you and him and have it framed. (You might want to make a copy of the picture and frame one for yourself as well.) Alternatively, find one of your dad’s favorite pieces of art and have it printed on canvas to give him.

8. Make him a meal.
Cook his favorite meal and serve it to him like he’s in a restaurant and he’s the guest of honor. You could even provide him with a simple menu from which he could chose a favorite drink or appetizer. (This is a great idea to do with your own children for your spouse.)

9. List it.
Collaborate with family members to make a collection of Top 10 lists featuring Dad. Here are some ideas: Top 10 Funniest Things Dad Has Ever Done, Top 10 Favorite Dad Jokes, Top 10 Favorite Memories of Dad, Dad’s Top 10 Qualities, Top 10 Ways I’m Just Like Dad.

10. Hit the road.
If you have the means, take Dad on a road trip to someplace he’s always talked about but never had the chance to go. Or, take him to the location of one of his favorite childhood memories. The time together on the road will mean just as much as seeing a place he loves.

Essential Oils Tips
A lot of essential oil tips and recipes out there are catered more toward women than men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways the men in your life can benefit from essential oils. Here are a few ideas to share with Dad on his special day:

To Help Him Sleep: For a blend that’s not as feminine-smelling as lavender, blend an equal ratio frankincense and wild orange in glass bottle and give it to Dad to diffuse at bedtime.

To Relieve Achy Muscles: Experiment with a blend of peppermint, wintergreen, helichrysum, and your favorite carrier oil. Add it to a roller bottle and give it to Dad to use before or after working out.

To Help Him Smell Great: Create and name a signature cologne to give Dad. You can find 10-mL roller bottles online that are perfect for storing your creation. Here is a great recipe: To a 10-mL glass roller bottle, add 8 drops bergamot, 6 drops Douglas  fir, 3 drops clove, 2 drops lemon, and 2 drops frankincense. Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Replace lid, shake to blend, and store in a cool, dry place.

To Enhance His Beard: In a dark, glass bottle blend together 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil, 2 drops bergamot, 2 drops lemon, 3 drops clove, and 3 drops white fir. Replace lid, shake to blend, and store in a cool, dry place. Give to Dad to use as a beard oil. It’s perfect for taming and softening beards. Plus, it smells great!


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