Finding Motivation in the Morning

We all know the feeling of lying in bed after our alarm clock goes off and thinking about all the things we need to accomplish today. The many tasks of the day seem daunting and tempt us to just stay in. We shouldn't let this stop us. Many times we just need motivation in the morning to get us going for the day! That’s why I’ve put together the perfect recipe for finding motivation in the morning so you can accomplish all you have to do each and every day!


Take just 10 minutes in the morning to stretch. Stretching helps wake up your body and your mind this simple daily habit can really shape how the rest of your day goes. 

2.Make your bed

Yes, making your bed is a simple but important step to starting your day, we probably heard this from our mothers at a very young age. Making your bed can give you a small sense of product which will encourage productivity throughout the rest of your day.

3.Use Essential Oils daily

Did you know that using lemon essential oil daily in your water can support your liver, help eliminate environmental toxins, manage a healthy inflammatory response, reduce oxidative stress, and even slow down enzymes linked to neurodegenerative conditions? Lemon essential oil comes from the rind (not the meat of the fruit) and it’s also a powerful antioxidant. When diffused aromatically it can uplift mood, instill confidence, clean the air, and even inspire weight loss. Best of all, it’s not very expensive!

4.Stay positive

Our thoughts are very powerful, the one thing you have full power over is your thoughts, words, and actions. Use them for good. Instead of thinking about the negative surrounding you, think about all the positive things you can look forward to in your day!

Remember, you are the master of your morning. You can overcome any feelings of dread, anxiety, and stress by starting your day off right! Now it’s your turn to try it out and make your morning a positive one! Every day is full of new possibilities. We just need to have the motivation to reach out and grab them.

Warm Regards,

Rebecca Hintze

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