Having Fun

Many adults don't know how to have fun and consequently, they don't allow themselves time to enjoy life. I must say, I've been one of them! 

As adults, we often get caught up in the demands of work, family, church or community service, and accomplishing all those extra goals and tasks we've set for ourselves. While thumbing through a magazine, I picked up some good ideas for finding good, clean, fun shared by NY Times Bestselling author, Cheryl Richardson.

First, write down five things you enjoyed doing for fun as a child. Then, write down five things you enjoy doing for fun today, as an adult. See how the two compare. When we go back to our childhood, we learn more about what the kid inside of us likes to do. Kids naturally know how to have fun, and that’s a good thing. Since we were all once kids, somewhere inside of us we do know how to have fun. Now, look over your answers to see a pattern between the two. For example, as a child I loved to do art projects. Today, I still enjoy crafts, painting, decorating, or most things that are artistic in nature. Now, schedule a playdate for yourself, making time each week to do something that's fun for you. If it feels right, take your family along. Your kids will love watching you play!

Why is this important? When we can't have fun, we tend to be unhappy, maybe even depressed, and often overwhelmed. When we're unhappy and out of balance, we're more likely to be demanding of others, less patient, more temperamental, and even physically worn out. We may suffer from tension, stress, or anxiety that can cause excess headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and even a weakened immune system.

Tangerine essential oil is perfect for those who feel burdened by responsibilities that aren’t theirs. From the citrus family, tangerine frees us to let go and be happy, to find the joy in life and escape debilitating pressures for a period. It also helps to replenish our creative juices. Tangerine is a natural mood uplifter.

So lighten your load, lessen your stress, and smile today, because it’s summertime—the perfect time to have some good ole fun!

Many blessings,
Rebecca Hintze

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