Doing the right thing for your mind is doing the right thing for your life.

Your mind.

Everything we do starts with our mind. The Emotions Mentor is all about developing the mind through emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ - Emotional Quotient) is the capacity to be aware of, manage, and express your emotions, and to handle and maintain interpersonal relationships with understanding and consideration. Basically, it's not about how smart you are, it's about how mindful you are.

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Your life. 

Emotional Intelligence results from learning to identify and master your emotions and then utilizing that knowledge to manage your interpersonal relationships. In order to become emotionally intelligent, you must look into the unique universe of YOU (your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs). You get the blessing and opportunity to determine what may be holding you back. And then you get to develop the necessary skills to overcome limiting beliefs and prosper. Best of all, you'll have a chance to fall in love with YOU

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Your world.

When the concept of emotional intelligence was first released to the masses through clinical research, we learned that people with higher EQs outperformed those with higher IQs 70% percent of the time! It's true that people who understand their own emotions and relate to others emotionally are more apt to surpass the smartest people in the work place and at home. 

Truly, the whole world is a network of people in relationships. Wouldn't increasing your ability to understand yourself and others just make the world a better place? We think so.

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How it all started

About Rebecca

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. is considered an expert in the field of mental health, specializing in family issues and emotional intelligence.  She is the international bestselling author of, “Healing Your Family History,” distributed worldwide and translated into eight different languages. She is the creator of The Emotions Mentor Course Series and she’s the author of the international bestselling book, Healing Your Family History, as well as Essentially Happy, Essential Oils for Happy Living and Emotions and Essential Oils an A-Z Guide.  Today, Rebecca speaks to audiences worldwide on healing family patterns, overcoming destructive behavior, increasing emotional intelligence, resolving health care issues naturally through essential oils and supplementation, and resolving family conflict.

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